The big picture starts with the tiny details. With hotels that continually outperform the market, we’re invested in detailed operational support for each of our hotels.

Outstanding Results

Working closely with our individual properties to set specific objectives tailored to their market, our outstanding Area General Managers and hotel teams are supported by the leadership from our experienced Directors of Operations to deliver the best guest service.

With regular reviews in place, we work in detail to help run properties to achieve the highest standards and constantly benchmark our hotels against both brand standards and compliance, as well as our own stringent Kew Green metrics.

With a global mindset, we regularly compare our hotels against industry data in all areas to make certain we are leading in the market. Through this approach, we have been very successful in taking on poorly performing properties and tuning these into profitable operations, which meet and exceed guest expectations.


We’re all one team and our Directors of Operations are closely aligned to the performance of our hotels and Area General Managers. Their support is focused upon the delivery of our metrics by hotel, by region and by the company’s overall performance within our owner groups, creating lively competition between them. We love a good challenge!

Our Directors have weekly structured calls, monthly visits, and bi-monthly Area General Manager’s meetings to support each of our hotels. They also hold quarterly meetings directly with our hotel team leaders, focusing on forthcoming business and metric delivery. This personal approach and bespoke engagement with every hotel is what makes Kew Green unique - the details matter!

We're pleased to share some case studies below to show our success. Get in touch today to talk to us about working with you to deliver operational excellence.   

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Suzanne Bush, Louise Dodd and Peter Zielke

Directors of Operations

We’re proud to lead the market in many areas, including:  

  • Revenue and profit delivery
  • Market share performance
  • Protecting the customer experience
  • Health and safety management
  • Achieving individual departmental objectives
  • Procurement efficiencies of scale
  • Exceptional cleanliness standards
  • Bring agile and quick to respond to changing government guidelines
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Case Studies

We acquire 21 hotels and deliver a 200%+ growth in EBITDA over 3 years

We led the seamless acquisition of a large portfolio of hotels in locations complementing the existing Kew Green Hotels portfolio.

The opportunity existed to retain the brand, all trade and assets whilst significantly enhancing profit conversion. We agreed a wholesale capital expenditure programme with the global brand franchiser to fully transform the hotels, alongside implementing restructuring aligned to Kew Green Hotels’ structures and revenue strategies within the first three months.  

We delivered EBITDA growth of 62% between FY2014 and LTM February 2015. EBITDA grew by 151% from FY2014 to FY2015 with margin expansion of 17% from 11.3% to 28.1% over the same period, as a result of the realisation of the significant cost synergies. 

Our industry-leading expertise led to an overall 200%+ increase in EBITDA between 2014 and 2017.

Managing and subsequently acquiring a small hotel portfolio delivering significant operational performance improvements

We jointly invested and took over the management of a small UK hotel portfolio as its previous owners went into administration. Undertaking an orderly handover from the existing global brand to Kew Green Hotels management, we implemented a rebrand into Holiday Inn Express within 7 days with minimal business disruption. We’re known for our lightning-fast reactions. 

We improved profit margins and service delivery, and delivered favourable buying terms through our network of group contracts.

We delivered a 21% increase in Revenue from FY2012 to FY2017 and a 100% increase in EBITDA during the same period.

Rebranding a mid-scale hotel portfolio delivering a RevPAR growth of 48%

We took over the management contract for four mid-scale properties situated in UK urban locations which were not benefitting from any market compression. 

As experienced operators, we successfully repositioned, rebranded and refurbished and delivered a cumulative RevPAR growth of 48% over four years, this compared to the regional market RevPAR growth of 13.6% growth in the same window.

We also delivered a healthy improvement in EBITDA, with an 8% improvement on margin added over the four year period, and further augmented by the 24% uplift in total top-line sales.