People Services

People Services

People Services

Our People are Our Everything.

Diverse and inclusive, people are the core of what we do.

Attracting and nurturing talent across all areas of our business, our people have a unique blend of experience, expertise and drive.  Working collaboratively with leaders in our hotels, our People team offer specialised support in resourcing, talent development and HR operations. 

Attracting and Nurturing Talent

We’re dynamic powered, utilising the latest tools and techniques to complement our People Power. We evolve with the changing talent market to understand what attracts high-quality people to our business. Nimble footed from the early stages in the selection process, we ensure we recruit and onboard our people into our teams efficiently and effectively.

Celebrating and recognising our people’s achievements is something we do every day. We also have an annual people awards programme across our business and participate in a number of external award schemes. We regularly check in with our teams, from in-depth employee satisfaction surveys to pulse checks, we are proud to celebrate high levels of employee satisfaction.

Learning and Development Opportunities

We’re innovation fuelled, committed to providing learning and development opportunities for all of our people. We have a number of bespoke training tools and programmes to drive technical skills, service standards and quality, enhanced by learning activities provided by our brand partners. We also offer a digital and blended learning model which has supported our flexible workplace environment. 

For our future leaders, apprenticeships are offered in a variety of roles. We can also help advise owners on maximising the use of their apprenticeship levy and selecting suitable programme providers. For our fast track rising stars, we also offer a number of development programmes designed to build specialist leadership skills and knowledge.

HR Operations

In addition to our people support, we also offer a suite of services from our People Team Hub located in the heart of the UK. From in-house payroll management to employment policies and procedures, we are also highly experienced in the employment-related aspects of business transfers, as well as restructures and downsizing which often comes with changing organisational needs. 

Above all, we understand that profit starts with people.

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Charlotte Hillsdon

Director of People

Our People & Organisational Development includes:

  • Specialised support in resourcing, talent development and HR operations
  • The latest tools and techniques to complement our People Power
  • A variety of apprenticeships across multiple roles
  • Bespoke training tools and programmes to drive skills, service standards and quality
  • Digital and blended learning programmes
  • Our annual people awards initiative 
  • Employee satisfaction indexing 
  • An in-house suite of HR services 
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