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Cultivating our future

Our Kew Green leadership teams recently came together for our Annual Conference & Awards

We're excited to share with you the highlights and unforgettable moments from our recently concluded 3-day annual conference. This year, we embraced the theme of "Evolution," a concept that resonates deeply with our commitment to growth, innovation, and excellence in the hospitality industry. The conference was not only a platform for learning and networking but also a celebration of achievements across our hotels, culminating in a much-anticipated awards ceremony.  

KEWVOLUTION embodies the spirit of evolution. We have established a strong foundation, and from here, we continue to grow — our business, our revenues, and our relationships, both with internal and external stakeholders. As a people-centric business, we recognise that personal growth and development are integral to our journey.  

The spirit of Kewvolution was alive and well at voco St. John's Solihull, where we held our annual conference over an inspiring three-day event. This year’s conference, a beacon of evolution and growth, brought together the company’s dedicated team members, invaluable suppliers, esteemed partners from IHG, and the visionary owners from CTG Group. 

The event kicked off with inspirational talks from Franklin Covey, setting a high bar for the days that followed. IHG took the stage to discuss sustainability, a testament to Kew Green Hotels' commitment to environmental consciousness and the future. Our teams benefited from breakout sessions focused on personal and team growth, embodying the conference’s theme of evolution in every aspect of hospitality. 

A highlight of the conference was the awards ceremony held on Thursday, 25th April. Barry from Eastenders, better known as Shaun Williamson, brought his trademark humour to the evening, presenting awards and leaving the audience in stitches. The ceremony celebrated exceptional achievements in categories that resonate with Kew Green Hotels' values: Leadership, Guest Experience, and Attention to Detail. CTG, the owners of Kew Green, delivered an inspiring speech about growth and the exciting plans to launch in Europe, setting a forward-looking tone for the future. 

This year’s annual conference was not just an event but a milestone that reflected the relentless dedication, hard work, and spirit of Kewvolution. It underscored Kew Green Hotels' commitment to being a people-centric business, where personal growth and development are paramount to collective success.  

As we look ahead, the excitement for continued evolution, embracing challenges, and fostering growth in our people and partnerships is stronger than ever. Here’s to another year of KEWVOLUTION, where we pursue outstanding in everything we do.